job-site-cleanlinessStop reading this blog for a second and take a quick look around you.  How clean and organized is the area?  If it’s a messy, disorganized space or you can imagine one, you have a good idea how difficult it can be to find something you need and to get a particular job done. Extend that idea to a mechanical contracting construction site or plant and you’ll quickly see the importance of job site cleanliness.  Let’s consider four important factors when developing a plan for a clean job site.

 1. Safety

This is far and above the most important factor to consider.  It’s been reported that hundreds of thousands of workplace accidents occur each year due to poor job site cleanliness.  Dangerous materials, clutter and debris left out in the open, spills, tools, equipment, job site vehicles not properly returned, inadequate lighting…the list of potential workplace safety violations goes on and on.  It takes minutes (or even seconds) to maintain an organized job site.  But failure to do so can result in a serious injury to a worker that can last a lifetime.

Safety standards are available for each job site and should be followed to the letter, and when possible, even exceeded.

2. Financial Loss

Workers’ compensation claims can often be avoided by performing the simple task of maintaining an organized job site.  Fewer injured employees means more workers on the job and less down time on projects.  Don’t discount the financial loss experienced when tools and equipment are lost or stolen either.  Knowing what goes where, returning, and then securing those items will go a long way to preventing financial loss.

3. Professionalism

We ask our clients to rate the importance of various factors as they relate to work project professionalism.  Consistently snagging the top spot is job site cleanliness.  For clients, it’s the quickest and easiest way to determine the efficiency and safety of a crew.  We’re proud to say we’ve received glowing commendations from our valued partners in this regard.  Keep this in mind when considering job site cleanliness – the reputation of your company is on the line.

4. Employee Pride

If you find employee workplace morale at a low, you might consider some spring cleaning, regardless of the time of year.  Again, consider the area around you right now.  If you’re staring at a messy desk (or even a kitchen pantry or garage…) and can’t find anything, imagine how much better you’d feel if everything was in the right place, the clutter was eliminated and you could perform tasks quickly and efficiently.  It’s the same on a job site.  When you take pride in your work area and follow the rules, this results in a feeling of pride and accomplishment.  Remember, a clean workplace is a happy workplace.

As you can see, job site cleanliness is something we all need to consider.  When you contact TMS for your contracting needs, you’ll find we allow time at the end of each work day for employees to check their designated areas, put tools and equipment back where they belong and ensure all safety regulations have been followed.