mechanical-contracting-problems-solvedAdmitting you have problem is the first step in finding a solution. But figuring out what the problem is can be equally problematic when it comes to mechanical service issues. Too often people become frustrated when attempting to troubleshoot on their own since not every mechanical problem has a simple answer or a seemingly simple go-to company to fix it. Seeking the right professionals can be a challenge. That’s where mechanical contractors come in.

The Right Stuff

Good contractors will know there is a right way to tackle mechanical service problems. The best ones are open enough to convey what they can and cannot do. If the solution is beyond them, they will let the customer know while still suggesting who can solve the problem based on their experience.

Often the reason a mechanical contractor doesn’t have a solution at hand, is because the resolution of the issue might not lie in the mechanics of the process. The problem could stem from the control of the process or even the chemistry of the process instead. Consequently, customers might need a mechanical engineer or a chemical engineer to resolve the issue. However, it often takes a visit from a reliable mechanical services contractor to determine this.

The Big Chill

Recently, TMS got a call from a client having an issue with their air conditioning system. The client uses chillers to cool their large, multi-roomed structure. These machines use water, which is chilled to 40 degrees or so, then circulated throughout the building to cool the air.

The Big Short

Our client’s building wasn’t getting enough flow from its chiller, so they made a call to us. But once we began troubleshooting the situation, we realized the problem had to do with the process, not with the actual chiller. We brought in a mechanical engineer to conduct a hydraulic review on each of the chiller’s three water lines and the issue was pinpointed. The problem was that the chiller was undersized and couldn’t handle the load. As mechanical contractors, we were able to find a solution for our client quickly by identifying what wasn’t working, and knowing who to call in to assist in the fix.

Who You Gonna Call?

If you encounter problems with your mechanical systems, don’t panic. Ask for help from an experienced mechanical services contractor who can accurately access the issue in a more cost-effective manner than an engineering firm. With 30 years of experience, TMS can quickly access and solve any problem at hand. To learn more, visit