mechanical-engineering-mechanical-contractingMechanical contractors and mechanical engineers often work together, but they are not the same thing. To help illustrate how each works together and separately, we thought we’d describe the qualities and responsibilities that form the career path and job of mechanical engineers.

Much like a builder makes use of an architect, mechanical contractors often depend on mechanical engineers for new designs and methods, although not exclusively. Like mechanical contractors, mechanical engineers are creative troubleshooters. Some work with the processing of materials, the control and automation of manufacturing systems, the design and development of machines or the environment.

Mechanical Engineering Responsibilities

Mechanical engineering pertains to the design, manufacture and operation of components, devices or systems. Mechanical engineers may also be required to conduct research, test manufacturing, handle operations, or take on marketing projects and administration duties as needed.

Interested in Becoming a Mechanical Engineer?

Understanding the qualities mechanical engineers generally possess might help you decide on a career in the field, or help you understand when you might need to hire one. Because the profession calls for versatility, creativity and knowledge on a vast number of subjects, multidisciplinary people make great mechanical engineers. They should be able to solve problems via analysis, modeling, design, and synthesis to effectively handle the job.

In addition to possessing a creative brain and analytical mind, aspiring mechanical engineers must have a head for technical subjects such as energy transfer and conversion, design and manufacturing, engineering sciences and, of course, mechanics. These are the areas of study needed to become an effective problem-solver and successful mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Products and Systems

Space shuttles, aircrafts, automobiles, turbines, pumps, power plants, and factories are among the many products and systems mechanical engineers help develop. From refrigerators to robots, almost every machine has been improved at the hand of a mechanical engineer. Perhaps that’s why they’re always in demand.

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