mechanical-contracting-successChances are, if you’re reading this, you’re either a current client of TMS or you’re considering partnering with us on your next mechanical contracting project.  If it’s the latter, perhaps now is a good time to fill you in on some of our success stories.  Once you understand some of our achievements, you’ll understand why we can say we’re proud to be a “leading provider of total mechanical solutions for customers large and small.”  We’d like to share with you some examples of satisfied TMS customers:

TMS Gets the Picture

On site or off, TMS is on the job.  That was certainly true for a recent project where CIP heat exchangers needed to be installed during a brief plant shutdown.  The job was completed lightning fast because we were able to generate a model for this system within our Plant 3D design software using photos of the original installation.  We sent out the model, pictures, and isometric drawings from which to fabricate.  Our TMS team built the system and during the shutdown, we could immediately demo and field weld our tie-ins, thus saving time and money for our client.

TMS is There in the Nick of Time

Another incident involved a spiral conveyor at a plant.  Now, keep in mind, when you’re manufacturing products, moving them from one part of the plant to the next, then getting the shipments out to your customers, you really can’t afford to have any down time.  Spiral conveyors are a critical factor in maintaining the needed pace.  So when we got a call on a Thursday afternoon from one of our customers with a spiral conveyor that simply wasn’t making the rounds, our TMS team immediately went into action.  Within an hour, we were on site inspecting the situation and shortly thereafter, we were able to pull in experts from other projects to handle the emergency.

What we found was that the mat had ridden up on the cage and bent several of the top rows of supports.  Our six-person dayside crew and four-person nightside detail worked around-the-clock, replacing seventeen pallets of matting, re-leveling and replacing the bars, cleaning the entire area, and prepping it for inspection.

All it took was one phone call to TMS and the job was well in hand.  We are truly grateful for the kind words of our customer, who respects that we treated this project with the same sense of urgency:  “TMS made a name for themselves over this job.”

It always makes us happy when our customers are happy. That’s our goal with every job we do. Contact us for your mechanical contracting needs and become another one of our success stories.