employee-recognitionCommitment with words alone is easy. But commitment linked to actions is what solves problems and saves the day.

It’s what sets us at TMS apart from other mechanical engineering contractors, and something that deserves our recognition.

When an employee goes “above and beyond,” we think we should take notice. In the case of a veteran TMS member, the client certainly did.

Into the grease tank …

The client in this case was a Fortune 500 grease company, and our awarded team member was on what appeared to be a routine project. But projects tend to be like people: unique, and sometimes unpredictable. The project we were on was a piping installation, when the client representative asked if we would make a tank entry and repair, which was completely unrelated to why we were there.

But, our awarded team member jumped right in (the grease tank) – literally. According to another TMS member, working inside the grease tank was “pretty nasty and most of us would not want to do it. But our awarded member said, ‘I will,’ with a great attitude and no complaint. Although he wore a tyvex suit, he was still covered in grease. I’m glad he was there and feel he is very deserving of this nomination for his hard work and dedication.”

The client representative applauded our awarded member: “The jobs you do here may not be glamorous or fun but they need to be done and you do them without complaining and with a positive attitude. You complement our workforce with your work ethic and quality of work.”

When our clients speak, we listen. And that’s why our veteran team member has earned our Employee Recognition Award for this month. On behalf of TMS clients, thank you for making their problems our problems, and then making them go away.

That’s why TMS is here. And why we’re growing.

Looking for a contractor who understands what quality, dedication, and “going beyond” means to your business? See for yourself why TMS is a leading provider of total mechanical engineering solutions for customers large and small.