As one year comes to a close, and another begins, it seems like a good time to reflect on some of the comments and compliments we receive from our mechanical contracting clients. Here are three such stories from the past year.



To: Trey                                   From: Craig   –XXXXXX LUBRICANTS

I received a call on Wednesday morning from Craig at XXXXX asking for a couple of guys to work on plant leaks that were happening inside the plant. Trey was one of the guys sent to XXXXX to repair the leaks. Trey met with Craig on what needed to be done and got right to work. Craig mentioned that Trey was energetic and willing to do any job asked of him and with a great attitude. He worked quickly and efficiently on the tasks he was given and needed little direction. Trey finished out the day at XXXXX and was asked to come back the next day to do additional work.



To: Don T.                                         From: Don A   

Last Friday when Don T came in to install our stretch wrapper guards, I had a disagreement with our warehouse manager on the design of our stretch wrapper guards.  Don suggested an idea that not only appeased both of us, but was better than either of our ideas.  He quickly modified the components, did the install, and we were both extremely happy with the TMS work.

Kudos to Don!!!!!
Don A. Manufacturing Engineer


Roofing Manufacturer

To: Mark M.                                       From: Jean-Mark  

During the shutdown at RM I had a chance to meet with Jean-Mark about the new line TMS had installed. Jean-Mark was very pleased with the outcome of the project. The new process allows RM to manufacture an ingredient they use rather than purchasing it.

Jean-Mark was very complementary of Mark M and the help he was on this job. Throughout the project obstacles would arise and Jean-Mark would pull Mark aside to ask for his thoughts on a resolution. “Mark is a very good fabricator and we were able to use his abilities throughout this project.”

Jean-Mark closed the conversation by saying that TMS always does good work for RM and we (Clayton, Monty and Jean-Mark) all appreciate it.


To Craig, Don A and Jean-Mark, thank you for the kind words. We’ve said it before. It always makes us happy when our customers are happy. That’s our goal with every job we do and we look forward to more great comments in 2015. Contact us for your mechanical contracting needs and become another one of our success stories.