3d-laser-scannerTraditional survey services work well for most mechanical engineering projects. However, 3D laser scanning is fast emerging as the most economical and accurate surveying method. 3D laser scanning is a highly efficient tool that provides more precise measurements for mechanical engineering projects.

Because of its increasing availability and benefits, laser scanning is becoming a go-to method for the AECO (architects, engineers, contractors and owners) industry.

Seven Positive Impacts of 3D Laser Scanning

The establishment of smooth workflows has led to the laser scanning process taking its place as a value added function in how structures can come together and be efficiently built.

Laser scanning can:

  • Provide more precise as-built documentation
  • Decrease surveying time in the pre-design phase
  • Use 3D visualization to reduce site visits
  • Enhance the ability to accurately price in the bidding stage
  • Reduce the need for change orders
  • Increase off-site fabrication possibilities
  • Create site topography with an accuracy of up to 1/8th inch

Laser scanning helps ensure that the structure matches the intent of the original design. The resulting decrease in waste, improved labor efficiency and reduced need for rework can also lower the total project cost.

MillMac LLC Partners with TMS General Mechanical Contractors

In order to offer our valued clients both traditional and advanced surveying services, TMS General Mechanical Contractors has teamed with MillMac, LLC. MillMac uses the latest technological advances to perform As-Built, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys and Topographic Surveying services. They are especially proficient in 3D laser scanning.

Paul Miller, Senior Project Engineer, and his staff have over 60 years of combined experience in this dynamic field.

TMS General Mechanical Contractors

TMS is an established mechanical piping contractor serving the greater Kansas City area for almost 40 years. We provide the following services:

  • Piping/Pipe Fitting
  • Millwright Services
  • Plant Maintenance Services
  • Design Services
  • Custom Steel Fabrication
  • HVAC Service and Installation

Contact TMS for any of your mechanical engineering needs.