tms-mechanical-servicesWe’ve talk about many different projects individually on this page in the past, from picking the right contractor to steel work, pipe choices and even disaster planning. If you take a step back and look at all we do, clearly when it comes to your mechanical contracting needs, we have you covered. We are your one-stop mechanical services shop. TMS staff have the unique ability to seamlessly move a project from start to finish and effectively handle any problems that could arise along the way. As a merit shop mechanical contractor, our core services include process piping, equipment installation, millwright services, design services, custom steel fabrication and HVAC service and installation. We also provide project management, including budgeting, milestone scheduling and critical path services. With our full suite of services, we have the ability and internal resources to handle the entirety of a project, making it unnecessary to use multiple contractors.

Maintenance Expertise

In addition to our mechanical expertise, we also offer a wide array of maintenance services. We can provide maintenance technicians for total maintenance coverage at your facility for whatever shift you need covered, whether for a day, a week or a month. One time, a client even asked us to cut their lawn. Honestly, it wasn’t the most efficient use of financial resources for them, but they needed it done and we did it. The point is, we work with you to ensure you get the coverage you need, then leave when you’re fully staffed again.

Get the Work Done

One more advantage that TMS can offer to help get things done. We are an open shop, which allows us to avoid labor issues. For example, if a contractor is running process piping and we realize the pump base that came with the pump is incorrect, we don’t have to go send for an ironworker to work on that pump. We can fix it for you directly on the spot. We don’t have to slow down our process to wait on another tradesman. We cut the red tape and do what needs to be done at all phases of any project.

Do It All to Your Satisfaction

As a company, we strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction and to be your one call for all your general mechanical contracting needs. We do it all.  So if your office air-conditioning has suddenly stopped working or you have a cut line, we can help. If your office needs weeds trimmed as part of a maintenance role, our maintenance technicians are at your service. We are here to service our clients in any way we can. Whether in an emergency or not, call us. We can provide just about any mechanical services you can think of, from the obvious to the obscure.

When it comes mechanical service needs, we are the one call you need to make. Call TMS today at 913 321 8647.