mecahnical-contractor-hiring-tipsIf you own a factory or manage a manufacturing plant, there will inevitably come a time when you’ll need the services of a mechanical contractor. Of course, it’s best to know who you’re going to call in advance, since the last thing you want to do when a problem arises is start a search from scratch.

To expedite service when a problem appears, it not just a good idea to know who you are going to call—but also have the phone number memorized. But before you can add a mechanical contracting company to your speed dial, there are five key factors you should consider.


A mechanical contractor’s word needs to be as good as gold, maybe even better. If a contractor says he’s going to start work at a certain time or get a job done by a certain date, then that’s what should happen. This kind of reliability is essential if there’s ever going to be any kind of trust in your working relationship. Make sure they walk the talk.


It’s wiser to hire a candid contractor who is willing to relay both the good and bad news than to work with one who sugarcoats a situation or even keeps the facts from you.

Many variables affect mechanical service jobs. For example, often contractors will discover equipment is in worse shape than initially reported. When this happens, a good contractor will be forthright about the situation. They’ll immediately show and tell you about the problem so you can understand what’s taking place and start planning a remedy before the scenario becomes more dangerous.

Unscrupulous contractors are less likely to disclose damage in a timely fashion. You don’t want them mentioning it as an aside as they walk out the door with their pay for a day of not-so-hard work.

Good Communication

It’s not enough for mechanical contractors to troubleshoot problems—they also need to keep their clients in the loop by discussing what they’re doing.

A communicative contractor will offer a best- and worst-case scenario, so you can assess how much time you’ll lose if you choose to repair or replace a part. If they say the process will take four to five business days but it winds up being two weeks, your bottom line will be affected.

A competent and honest contractor understands this and will have no problem putting his projected repair schedule in writing for you. He will be up front and alert you of any contingencies that may factor into the timeline of repair.

Because miscommunication can compound a problematic situation, it’s key to work with professionals who can clearly assess and articulate mechanical service scenarios.

Listening Skills

Being a good communicator doesn’t necessarily mean being a great talker. Establishing a meaningful dialogue requires both parties to listen as well as speak.

Seasoned contractors are actually trained to pick up on ambiguous words that often indicate their clients aren’t fully grasping a mechanical problem or repair schedule. When these verbal red flags fly, astute contractors will reiterate the job expectations to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Safety Record

Even the most candid, communicative, and reliable contractors aren’t worth calling if they don’t have a sound safety record regarding standard industry procedures, practices, and policies. Reputable professionals will be able to produce their certificate of insurance, EMR (Experience Modification Rating), and W-9 without hesitation.

A contractor who shows up without a hard hat and safety glasses, or who is climbing a ladder without a harness or using torn-up extension cords, has no regard for his own safety, let alone that of you and your business.

That’s why it’s so important to get a safe and reliable mechanical contractor who can undertake your contracting needs in an honest and effective way.

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