TMS_1If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know how important satisfied clients are to the mechanical contractors at TMS. Getting a job done right, exceeding the expectations of our clients and doing it at an agreed to and reasonable cost are our prime goals. It’s just not enough to say we do these things; we have the customer feedback to prove it. Here’s another one of our success stories.

It was Friday afternoon, about 2:45 PM when our client (one that hadn’t done much work with us in the past few years) called looking for some help changing out a shaft. Now at some businesses, late in the afternoon on the day that ends a long workweek is not the best time to call in an emergency job. But the TMS staff was ready and up to the challenge.

Phil D of TMS was available, and agreed to head right over to the client, even though he had a previous engagement that evening and could only stay until 4:30. Ryan B was also available (without any time restrictions), so he agreed to go with Phil and check things out.

We called the client back to let him know what the situation was and to make sure that would be all the help they needed. It wasn’t. Our client thought it would be better if two more of our guys could pitch in – No problem.

Immediately, we got our Don T on the phone, who was working at another site nearby our distressed client. After explaining the situation to Don, his response was, “Let me get my tools!” We thanked him for his willingness to pitch in and asked if he could bring along one more person from the job he was at, to the new site. Again – No problem.

Don and Jeremy M were at the site by 3:35 PM. The shaft was removed, sent to a machine shop for repair, returned to the plant and re-installed. Once the belts were put back on and the duct work was reattached, the unit was ready to be turned on. Everything ran great and our guys left at 10:30 pm with the gratitude of the plant.

This is the email they sent us:

“I really appreciate your help Friday evening. It helped us out and the efforts of Don, Ryan, and Jeremy and all who helped is appreciated. Everybody came in with a great can do attitude to help get it done, and I for one greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!”

It takes more than just setting a goal to do a great job for a client, it takes the people at a company to step up to the challenge and make it happen. To the TMS staff that made this project a success, thank you!

And remember, it’s our goal to provide complete satisfaction with every job we do. We look forward to receiving and sharing more great comments in future months. Contact us for your mechanical contracting needs and become another one of our success stories.