Thanks to the technological revolution, the world has changed a lot since the turn of the millennium. With iPads, smartphones, Wi-Fi and more, we have a world of information literally at our fingertips. As a result, it’s possible to look up virtually anything or anyone—making business a breeze.

Calling Mechanical Contracting Companies

Technology has improved the way in which mechanical contractors work. Once upon a time, handling a plant relocation could be problematic if a crew member didn’t know where to place a part in a machine. Imagine how difficult it would be to first find an old landline telephone and then describe the dilemma over it. But with today’s smartphones, mechanical contractors can simply snap a photo of the mysterious machine part and send it to someone anywhere in the world, allowing them to find out exactly what the part is and how to install it—within minutes.

Mechanical Contractors Digitally Connect

From smartphones to tablets and laptops, digital communication has proven to be incredibly beneficial for mechanical services companies and their customers. Questions get answered within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

The connectivity of the Internet empowers mechanical contractors to communicate back and forth without having to be in the same room—or even country. Mechanical contracting companies worldwide are now connected via their devices, allowing them to view the same images and determine what a certain part is, where it should go, and how it should function. 

Mechanical Services Excel with Excel

Back in the day, using hard copies for records often meant getting buried in a deluge of documentation. But with digital software programs, it’s easy to input paperless data, store it, and then quickly access it when necessary.

Mechanical contracting companies using Excel sheets can also better compute, plan and collect information via standardized scheduling, tabulating and billing methods. Spreadsheets streamline the process by offering a uniform means of determining costs, creating estimates and benchmarking timelines for projects.

CAD for Design and 3D Modeling

Today, mechanical services often take advantage of computer-aided design (CAD) software for 3D modeling and 2D vector-based graphics. Such technology is no longer considered a luxury item since it can speed up the time it takes to complete a project.

Recently, our TMS mechanical contractors were given only four days to do a substantial amount of relocation and equipment repurposing work. But using 3D modeling we were able to create a good plan, prefab 95 percent of the piping associated with the assignment, and finished with a clean, efficient and fully function system. And it was done within the timeline we were given, something that would have been impossible in the days before CAD software.

Traditional and Tech-Savvy Professionals

CAD, Excel or smartphone—it’s obvious technology can work for you. So why shouldn’t it work for your mechanical contractors as well? If you’re looking for traditionally trained yet tech-savvy professionals to handle your mechanical services job, visit TMS Inc. at