additional-work-rescueRecently we wrote about the importance of job planning and emergency preparedness and how our team of mechanical contracting experts can assist in both of those areas. However, emergencies aren’t the only time when you could find yourself in a last-minute crisis situation.

But there’s still work to be done!

American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with saying, “The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it.” But there’s not much of a reward for you or your business if your contracting project requires “additional work.” That’s what we call work that still needs to be completed after a contracted job is finished.

For example, say you’ve contracted with a company to outfit an extensive area with unmodeled piping. Once that piping is installed throughout the facility, depending on the wording of the contract, technically the job could be finished. But what about the holes in the walls and floors? And think about the patchwork that needs to be done — to say nothing of the cleanup!

If you wind up dealing with a contractor who sticks to the “letter of the law,” so to speak, you might end up with a lot of additional work to be done before a particular job is truly finished. Or perhaps the contractor only budgeted enough time to perform the specific task spelled out in the contract. Either way … there’s still work to be done.

TMS is on the job

At TMS, we realize that each and every job is unique. That’s why we offer timely follow-up to meet your contracting needs.

One thing we’ve noticed is that, in the planning phase, sometimes business owners and contractors don’t think of everything, or neglect to put specific verbiage into contracts. To use our unmodeled piping example, a contractor might run the correct amount of pipes, but those pipes might not be hooked up to the equipment that needs to be used. Or smaller but no less critical items, such as mezzanines, stairwells, ladders or hand railings, might get missed in the plan. Floor-to-ceiling pipes have to start somewhere and end somewhere, but that might get overlooked. Or the contractor could leave a hole in the floor without a toe plate.

Depending on your contract, any of those particular parts of the job could result in the need for additional work if they weren’t spelled out.

Fortunately, additional work is our specialty. Our team can come in—often at the last minute—to finish off the job … and finish it off right. No holes, nothing missed — a bow on the package, if you will.

Just because a mechanical contracting issue isn’t caused by an actual emergency, that doesn’t mean it’s not a high priority situation for you and your team. You need to be up and running with minimal down time, and remaining additional work simply isn’t conducive to that happening. When your team is facing unplanned additional work, be sure to call the experts at TMS to finish the job.