happy-customer-augustLast month, we told you about some of the characteristics to look for when hiring a mechanical contractor. One good way to vet a reliable firm is to hear what its customers have to say. Here’s a letter we recently received from one of our clients that shows the kind of work we strive to accomplish:

July 21, 2015


I would like to tell you that the … Kansas City Plant has been extremely pleased in the Safety, Quality and Efficiency [sic] that Mike [McCurley] has brought to our plant. We have had Mike work on several tough jobs for us over the past month and he has been able to handle every one of them without an issue. 

In addition, Mike was a key person when we had a fire in our GK-12 kettle. Mike was working directly besides our Maintenance [sic] personnel to make sure that the fire was extinguished and did not cause any more damage to the plant.

Mike does a good job communicating and providing updates to the plant on exactly where he is on each project he is working on.

Thank you for your support.


We love to hear from our customers, especially when they let us know that the qualities we strive to deliver to our clients come shining through.

At TMS, we offer a wide variety of mechanical contracting services and solutions for each and every one of our business partners. If you’d like to hear what we can do for you, give our TMS experts a call and put us to work.

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