customer-success-storiesTMS has been in the mechanical services industry for a long, long time. We’ve seen just about every mechanical contracting job there is and met just about every challenge.

Still, we never take our success for granted. And we love hearing back from our customers, especially when we’ve been able to step in at the last minute and make a difference.

Recently, we heard from two of our mechanical contracting business partners, and we wanted to share their comments.

A Warm Reception

Doug, one of our valued partners with a national hotel chain, recently experienced some early-morning heating issues, and TMS was on the scene ASAP. Since winter heating problems in Kansas are never good for the hotel business, suffice it to say quick action must take place.

One Sunday at 1:00 a.m. we received a call from Doug stating that there was no heat at one of his hotels! Apparently, in addition to a power failure, a pump breaker had blown and an ignition module had burned up.

Rudy from TMS flew into action, made a quick call to the supplier, and secured a new starter and ignition module. Upon arrival at the hotel, he installed the new units and Doug was able fire up the boiler.

The hotel now had heat, happy patrons, and a relieved manager. To be on the safe side, Rudy stuck around to ensure everything was working properly. Doug was appreciative for the quick response from TMS and the ability to generate heat at his hotel once again.

A week later, another problem arose. Similar issue, but this time Doug asked Rudy not to come down right away because he wanted to see if the hotel crew could repair the issue. A few hours later, we got a call that TMS’ services were indeed needed.

Unfortunately, this time no extra starters were available. However, Rudy was able to “MacGyver” a way to get the heat back on until the part could be ordered. He jumped out the starter and hot-wired the motors, and before long the hotel customers were once again basking in warmth.

From Doug: “Rudy, thank you for answering your phone and responding to our customers’ needs.”

You’re welcome, Doug. Call us any time!

Smooth Sailing to Success

We thought we’d share one more experience. This time from Chuck, another valued mechanical contracting customer of ours.

Chuck writes: “I just wanted to take a minute to thank TMS for their outstanding ethical and professional services.

“From the quote to the final bolt, the project went smooth. TMS employees were timely, courteous, energetic, tidy, clever, and most of all very conscious of their profession. They were able to identify critical issues and offer well thought out resolutions, from the inception of the project through startup.

“Because of the exceptional work these gentlemen did, the project was a success. We will only consider TMS for future projects I will be responsible for, and will be recommending TMS to any business associates. Thank you for your hard work.”

How Can Our Mechanical Contracting Services Help You?

It’s feedback like this that makes us love what we do. At TMS, we offer a wide variety of mechanical contracting services and solutions for each and every one of our business partners. If you’d like to hear what we can do for you, give our TMS experts a call and put us to work.

Your success … is OUR success!