trust-mechanical-services-partnershipThink about your past experiences partnering with a contractor. Have you ever been in need of services and tried to reach a business owner, only to be given the brush off? Unanswered voice mails, unreturned text messages, constantly checking an empty email inbox for days and weeks as you await a response … it can be maddening!

Unfortunately, the mechanical contracting business is not immune to this problem. And that can lead to unfinished projects — and a lack of trust from clients.

Our mechanical services team here at TMS prides itself on earning the trust of each and every client — as well as any potential clients. We do that in several ways:


Communication is the lifeblood of any business. Clients have needs, and business owners must know how to meet those needs in a timely fashion. That’s why our TMS team strives to return phone calls within two hours, and emails within 24 hours.

When you reach out to us, you expect an answer on time, every time. And we deliver.

We also pride ourselves on being up front and honest when communicating with our valued clients. You can trust that with TMS, you’ll always get a fair, accurate, and honest bid on our services — one that we stand behind 100 percent.


Going above and beyond what is expected is also a benchmark of a trustworthy team. It’s one thing to say you’ll be on the job by 8 a.m., but quite another to be there early at 7:45. The dependability of our TMS team is unsurpassed in the industry … and our clients notice. We don’t just do a job; we do a job better than anyone else.


Too often, we hear stories of contractors just doing the minimum amount of work necessary to fulfill a contract. While that may sit well with some businesses, that’s not the standard we’ve established at TMS. We understand that with each and every job unexpected issues will likely arise, so we make it a point of identifying and fixing those problems before the project is done.

Many of our clients are plant owners and operators who are relying on us to get their plant up and running. With so many other businesses often depending on the operation of that one plant, can you imagine the disruption that would be caused if we left before our job was done? That simply isn’t an option with TMS. We stay till the work is finished.

Mechanical Contracting: Trust in Action

To see how we put communication, dependability, and integrity into practice, consider this recent example from one of our clients.

We were called upon to submit a bid on a job for one of our valued clients. Unfortunately, our client contact wasn’t able to convince his supervisors to go with TMS. Why? Well, another contractor beat our bid by a whopping 18%! We were surprised, but understood why the business owners went with the lower bid.

As it turns out, TMS had been (no pun intended) right on the money — we’d given an accurate and fair bid. The project went over budget with the other contractor, and the job wound up not getting finished. Faced with a very serious situation, the client then called us to come in, take over, and finish the job.

Of course, our team sprang into action and finished the job in spectacular fashion. Our returning client was thrilled and realized that a bargain price isn’t always a bargain … if the job isn’t finished.

That’s where communication, dependability, and integrity come in. And that’s where TMS comes in — we’re the mechanical contractors you can trust.