mechanical-contracting-winterizeOld Man Winter’s chill is upon us, and hopefully you’ve put a plan in place to winterize your place of business.

Even if you haven’t, fear not! The mechanical contracting experts at TMS are here to help before (and after) disaster strikes … and before (and after) you find yourself facing an emergency. Check out these three steps and we think you’ll warm up to the idea of winterizing!

Prevent Insulation Problems

One reason many of our mechanical contracting customers sometimes forget about winterizing is that most of their operations take place in intense heat. Regardless of whether it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside or minus 10, interior operations can generate so much heat that freezing might not become an issue. However, we do see a lot of problems in the areas of insulation, drainage, and piping. To avoid such problems, regularly do the following:

  • Check your boilers. Ensure you’ve got the correct chemicals running in them.
  • Floor drains can freeze quickly, so you want to pour some glycol in them to prevent it.
  • Keep an eye — actually a nose — on those sewer gases!
  • Test to ensure that your condensate lines are draining properly. If a steam line cools down and is generating a lot more condensation than it should, something is not right.

Remember Emergency Planning

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of having an emergency plan in place for every contingency. In winter, it’s absolutely critical to have (at least) all key personnel on the same page. Most plants are running 24/7 and won’t take a day off when the snow flies. Implement and review a snow emergency preparedness plan so that key personnel can always make it to work and keep the machines humming along … and your business running smoothly. Our TMS emergency planning team can easily assist you in this area.

Don’t Run Out of Supplies

Just because you have a winterizing plan in place, don’t assume all of your suppliers are prepared to face a potential shutdown of operations. In fact, it’s better to assume your suppliers will have issues in getting you the materials and products you need during a blizzard or ice storm. By working ahead of time (as in, right after you read this article), you can ensure the needed materials are on hand for a designated time period.

Take stock! Ask yourself (and your team), “Do we have enough raw materials on hand to produce what we need if our suppliers are down for several days to a week?” If the answer is no, it’s time to stock up for the balance of the winter months.

TMS Mechanical Services Is Here to Help

Business might be heating up for your company, but you can’t afford to be left out in the cold should a winter emergency hit. If you have any questions about whether or not you are adequately prepared to make it to spring, give the team here at TMS a call. We’ll take you from winter wondering … to a winter wonderland.